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Weight Loss Programs offered by MediPro

At Medipro we specialize in medically supervised weight loss and offer several programs to choose from. We believe proper nutrition should be the center piece of creating a vibrant well balanced life. We will work with you to incorporate 850 - 1,250 calories of healthy, delicious, nutritious foods to fuel your body for a new and healthier YOU!

We preform bi-monthly body comps to ensure the lose of fat mass while protecting your lean body mass.


Are you carrying around excess fat that is proving to be difficult or next to impossible to shed from your body? If so you could be what is called, Leptin resistant. Are there foods you crave? Has your metabolism slowed down? Are you hungrier than you used to be?

HCG combined with a clean diet and exercise will improve the communication between the hypothalamus and the Leptin hormone. Once the communication is improved, your body will release up to 2,000 calories a day of stored body fat! Your fat deposits around your body will shrink – The inch loss is incredible. Your body will naturally reshape itself to the form you are meant to have.

We teach our patients how to incorporate healthy, delicious foods that will fuel your body appropriately and encourage your body to release stored fat. Most of our clients are consuming between 850-1200 calories a day. And experience detoxification, renewed energy, fat loss and sustainable weight loss.

In our Vancouver clinic we prescribe authentic prescription grade HCG. Patients must be seen by one of our doctors and must be a good candidate for this program. We offer HCG in three formats:

  • Daily SUB-Q injections given by the patient at home
  • Daily dissolvable tabs given by the patient at home
  • Once a week Power Shots administered by a medical professional in our clinic.


Oral Phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL) can be prescribed by an MD for weight loss. Phentermine is know to increase your serotonin levels and helps to curb your cravings for carbs and sugar as well as acts as an appetite suppressant.

Phentermine can be combined with any of our other weight loss programs. This is a recent addition to our clinic and is proving to be very helpful for many and increases the likelihood of long term weight loss success! If you like to exercise Phentermine and our lipotropic program is a fantastic fit!

Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method uses a 4 phase medically designed system that helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. Ideal Protein offers a sensible low carb eating program with the incorporation of some prepackaged food. This protocol. Is also an excellent support for cellulite reduction. This is a great program for someone who does not enjoy cooking or someone that is on the go a lot and is seeking a healthy alternative to fast food.

Lipotropic Rebalancing Program

The Lipotropic Rebalancing program utilizes a whole foods diet along with lipotropic injections to aid the body in regaining metabolic balance and return to its normal fat burning ability. In addition, our program helps our clients understand how the foods that they eat affect their bodies' fat burning ability and Leptin levels.

Leptin, a hormone released from body fat, reduces appetite, stimulates fat burning, and communicates your nutritional condition to your body and brain. Leptin Resistance is when the effect of Leptin is blocked, making losing weight difficult–if not impossible. The goal of the Lipotropic Rebalancing program is to overcome this resistance through a whole foods diet and exercise plan.

For more information please email us at or call 360-896-0424.

Call (360) 896-0424 or email today to consult with a technician.

DISCLAIMER: FDA Indications For Use: The Lapex BCS LipoLaser FDA 510(k) (k081962) and/or Lucia FDA 510(k) (k102375) is/are intended to emit energy in the visible and infrared spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm; the temporary increase in local blood circulation; and/or the temporary relaxation of muscle. The Device is not approved for body contouring by USFDA. Active physicians use is currently an off-label application. Important to Note: 100% certainty of success cannot be assured as with any medical procedure.

It is also important to note that in the vast majority of cases, supported by clinical studies, patients achieve results. Results may vary and therefore not meet expectations of all patients completing a full series of treatments. All visual and textural content are the confidential and proprietary to YOLO Medical Inc. and may not be copied, published or disclosed without the expressed written authorization of YOLO Medical Inc. CONFIDENTIAL COPYRIGHT © 2011 YOLO Medical Inc.