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HCG Total Wellness in Vancouver, Washington is the first clinic in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area to get the new weight loss technology Cavi-Lipo.


Doctor Oz Explaining Ultrasound and it's use in Body Sculpting and contouring as well as lymphatic drainage.
Dr. Oz does not endorse Cavi-Lipo or any products or treatments featured on his show. This is for informational purposes only.
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This is a noninvasive Liposuction procedure are great for individuals who's looking to stay in good diet and willing to work to keep the weight off!

Cavi-Lipo is the most evolved system for the treatment of adipose areas and cellulite.

Cavi-Lipo is one of the most advanced and efficient systems using Ultrasound Cavitation to breakdown fat cells. The released fat is then metabolized through the liver and natural means. Only a few treatments are needed for a brilliant performance. We help men and women with fat deposits on the belly, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, bra-edge, double chin etc. No injections or other interventions are needed, no anesthesia, no antibiotic treatment, and you can immediately return to your normal activities.

Choose from these options:
  • $99 for one 40 minute Cavi-Lipo
  • $149 for one 60 minute Cavi-Lipo treatment
  • $59 Add on for LED Facemask treatment with Gold mask
(This offer is only good for new customers. Please call 1-360-896-0424 if you are an existing customer.)

Treatment Information:

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, it is totally painless and with no known side effects. In most cases the result can be seen immediately and depending on individual clients, most will need between 3-6 treatments (patients can have up to 12) with interval of twice a week.


  • Removes fat from stomach, waist, thighs, hips, arms, etc
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Completely painless

We Recommend:

Immediately after the treatment you should take a brisk walk or similar exercise. To get the maximum effect of the treatment you should drink plenty of water for 24 hours before and after the treatment, at least 1.5 liters per day. Minimize the intake of carbohydrates and fat 24 hours before the treatment to burn and secrete fatty acids and glucose. The exercise carried out afterwards should be powerful. The alternative is a deep massage that can be booked in connection with the treatment.

The range of energy is wide and is designed for rubbing, the dynamic energy is sent straight to deep skin compared to the high frequency, Cavi-Lipo's hand-piece has a bigger vibration and can feel as it transits the energy more deeply.

LIPO hand piece generates a 28,000 micro vibration-each seconds which can easily be used for body care. It has been expressively thought and designed to perform reduction treatment of adipose areas and cellulites, which results that can be compared to liposuction in the surgery room. A wide variety of treated cases is available to see.

What is cavi-Lipo and how does ultrasound work?

This powerful unit weighs in at more than 65 lbs and utilizes a strong and effective 25 kHz frequency that targets adipose (fat cells). (Ideal frequency for Cavitation is between ( 20kHz and 30kHz) Too strong and it by passes the Adipose and goes into the muscle, if not regulated it can go into vital organs. Too weak (40 to 50 KHz) and it can not penetrate into the fat (adipose) or create cavitation. A common misunderstanding with ultrasound is the higher the frequency the weaker the strength. Simple explanation if you had to clap your hands 25 times in a minute vs 40 times in a minute you could clap louder and firmer 25 times vs trying to squeeze in 40 claps in that same time frame which would have to be accomplished faster making them quicker, lighter and softer hence making it weaker.

The treatment should not be seen as a substitute for other weight-reducing measures but as an additional aid to a good diet, exercise and detox. Reduced weight and a more attractive body improves the self-image, increases motivation and makes it easier to get started on a healthier lifestyle. Results may vary, please take in consideration our recommendations and understand that this is not a substitute for other weight-reducing measures.